Shaffer Amusement
Greater Dayton, OH
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04/05/2018Thursday A - IMellon BallsWild HogsBrumley Joe106
04/05/2018Thursday A - IMellon BallsWild HogsLaudermilk Josh101
04/05/2018Thursday A - IMellon BallsWild HogsHarbeck Jamie103
04/05/2018Thursday A - IMellon BallsWild HogsFain Jim101
04/04/2018Springfield Wednesday VNEA/BCASet-Em-DownChalk Is CheapJONES BILL105
04/04/2018Springfield Wednesday VNEA/BCASet-Em-DownChalk Is CheapVINCE DERRICK710
04/04/2018Springfield Wednesday VNEA/BCASet-Em-DownChalk Is CheapMORRIS EDDIE710
03/29/2018Thursday A - IMellon Balls5 Of A KindKiesel Don103
03/29/2018Thursday A - IMellon Balls5 Of A KindToombs Vince106
03/29/2018Thursday A - IMellon Balls5 Of A KindBierley John (JB)102
03/29/2018Thursday A - IMellon Balls5 Of A KindEldridge Terry105
03/28/2018Springfield Wednesday VNEA/BCASet-Em-DownChemistryLOOKABAUGH BARRY100
03/28/2018Springfield Wednesday VNEA/BCASet-Em-DownChemistryBLAIN, JR GARY710
03/28/2018Springfield Wednesday VNEA/BCASet-Em-DownChemistryTAYLOR TOM310
03/22/2018Thursday A - IMellon BallsSparky'sHonious Jr Billy102
03/22/2018Thursday A - IMellon BallsSparky'sPierce Doug106
03/22/2018Thursday A - IMellon BallsSparky'sHonious David107
03/22/2018Thursday A - IMellon BallsSparky'sHonious III B J 106
03/21/2018Springfield Wednesday VNEA/BCASet-Em-DownP C RollersEVANS RALPH104
03/21/2018Springfield Wednesday VNEA/BCASet-Em-DownP C RollersMOORE NEAL100
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