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Northeast LA
League: High Stakes League
8-BallStart Date: 01/08/2018
Format: 25 GAME ROUNDSession: 16
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League- Nits122873.3711259691029914
Camallo, Mike85955.5673708.110.3300003Results0.00
Cavender, Lynn8112445.831841857.67-0.0401105Results24.90
Cavender, Janet682433.331392085.79-2.8800002Results18.26
Green, James8172470.832001528.332.0000119Results39.02
Hoff, Josh8142458.331991708.291.2100019Results46.26
Howard, B.J.5000.00   -4.2100001Results0.00
Masters, David6000.00   0.0000000Results0.00
Walker, George8111573.33124888.272.4000017Results47.30
GW - Games Won Pts - Points RO - Run-Out
GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points GBB - Game-Ball in on Break
GA - Game Average PA - Power Average SCW - Season Consecutive Wins
HA - Handicap Average WZ - Win-Zip SW - Sweeps
LCR - League Central Rating (Player - 40 game min)
Schedule & Results
DateHome TeamVisitor TeamLocationRndsORndsGWGPPtsWOPtsW
01/08/2018Loose CannonsLeague- NitsArena4.51.51425205180
01/22/2018League- NitsDon't QuitArena      
01/29/2018League- NitsShootersArena601325216162
02/05/2018JAFOLeague- NitsArena511725206171
02/12/2018League- NitsMotley CrewArena2.53.51525206208
02/19/2018League- NitsLoose CannonsArena      
02/26/2018Don't QuitLeague- NitsArena      
03/05/2018ShootersLeague- NitsArena      
03/12/2018League- NitsJAFOArena      
03/19/2018Motley CrewLeague- NitsArena      
03/26/2018Loose CannonsLeague- NitsArena      
04/02/2018League- NitsDon't QuitArena      
04/09/2018League- NitsShootersArena      
04/16/2018JAFOLeague- NitsArena      
Archived Sessions
Session 15 - 09/11/2017
Session 14 - 05/08/2017
Session 13 - 01/16/2017
Session 12 - 09/19/2016
Session 11 - 05/23/2016
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