NE KS BCA Pool League
NE Kansas
Matt Holthaus
LCR: 63.81
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Current Leagues
THURSDAY PERFORMERS BCAVandals $6.0005/10/201810915110847.331.73303573.30
Archived Leagues
THURSDAY PERFORMERS BCAVandals01/04/201842705124587.310.77806656.90
THURSDAY PERFORMERS BCALost Cause08/24/201750705693828.132.6713091663.26
THURSDAY PERFORMERS BCAWhatever Works $6.0005/11/201730503833277.661.12502656.94
THURSDAY PERFORMERS BCAWhatever Works 08/25/201626453392987.530.91600942.94
THURSDAY ENFORCERS BCAWhatever Works $12.0005/12/20169201221386.1-0.8302339.91
THURSDAY ENFORCERS BCAWhatever Works01/07/201645655383758.282.51505754.65
THURSDAY ENFORCERS BCAWhatever Works $6.0008/27/201533604333947.220.65703551.71
THURSDAY ENFORCERS BCAWhatever Works05/14/201529453552607.892.11702956.14
THURSDAY ENFORCERS BCAWhatever Works 01/08/201547755834937.771.2703052.57
TUESDAY TNT BCACan't Shoot Must Drink01/06/20156251432095.72-2.64301030.38
THURSDAY ENFORCERS BCAWhatever Works09/04/201439604983618.32.28904056.27
TUESDAY TNT BCACan't Shoot Must Drink09/02/201425453342967.420.841004048.70
THURSDAY ENFORCERS BCAWhatever Works05/22/201422403002757.50.63301050.30
WEDNESDAY PLAYERS BCACan't Run Out05/21/2014275538537770.15503038.47
GW - Games Won Pts - Points ERO - Run-Out
GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points EBB - Game-Ball in on Break
GA - Game Average PA - Power Average SCW - Season Consecutive Wins
HA - Handicap Average WZ - Win-Zip SW - Sweeps
LCR - League Central Rating (40 game min)
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