Gregory Amusements
South Central Michigan
Jeff Stout
LCR: 44.68
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Current Leagues
Gregorys Tuesday North 2017-2018OTT'S SHOOT TO KILL (J.GIBSON)09/12/20179661058707088.291.54113744.68
Archived Leagues
Gregorys Tuesday North 2016-2017OTT'S 4 BLUE 1 GREEN (J.GIBSON)09/13/2016731079067158.471.791111238.10
Gregorys North 9-Ball OTT SANDBAGGERS (STOUT)01/18/2016641356326634.68-0.23011940.00
Gregorys North 9-Ball OTT SANDBAGGERS (STOUT)09/21/2015751356836025.060.6182350.00
Gregorys NORTH Winter 9-Ball 2015OTT- STOUT01/12/2015701266595345.230.993525 0.00
Gregorys NORTH 9-Ball 2014OTT- STOUT09/15/2014831267414525.882.292124 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North 2014-15OTT RIVERGATORS (A. RAULSTON)09/09/20146812910059347.790.55212 31.31
Gregorys Tuesday North 2013-14MOOSE TRACKS (A. RAULSTON)09/10/2013691179667838.261.56404 34.07
Gregorys North 9-Bal 2012-13Olde Towne Tavern- Stout -J Stout01/14/2013811177374006.32.883224 0.00
Gregorys North 9-Bal 2012-13Olde Towne Tavern- Stout -J Stout09/17/201241723933015.461.283112 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North 2012-13O.T.T'S(STOUT)09/11/201261977806488.041.36112 38.18
Gregorys Tuesday North 2012-13MOOSE TRACKS (RAULSTON)09/11/2012711129497538.471.75002 37.97
Gregorys North 9-Ball WINTER 2012HASTINGS MOOSE (J.STOUT)01/16/201254995454135.511.391424 0.00
Gregorys North 9-Ball FALL 2012HASTINGS MOOSE (J.STOUT)01/09/2012821357845155.811.991027 0.00
Gregorys North 9-Ball Winter 2011BLARNEY STONE STOUT (J.STOUT)01/10/201170995973496.032.512322 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North 2011-12BLARNEY STONE(STOUT)09/14/201057957726598.131.19011 37.28
Gregorys Tuesday North FALL 09-10 LEAGUEBLARNEY STONE (STOUT)09/15/2009611118528177.680.32000 35.46
Gregorys Tuesday North WINTER 09Blarney Stone (J.Stout)01/06/200931494073148.311.9102 0.00
Gregorys North 9-Ball WINTER 09Blarney Stone (B. Hoffman)01/05/200937633442735.461.13118 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North FALL 08Blarney Stone (J.Stout)09/09/200811291812386.24-1.97000 0.00
Gregorys North 9-Ball FALL 08Blarney Stone (S. Hoffman)09/08/20087013567560950.490422 0.00
GW - Games Won Pts - Points ERO - Run-Out
GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points EBB - Game-Ball in on Break
GA - Game Average PA - Power Average SCW - Season Consecutive Wins
HA - Handicap Average WZ - Win-Zip SW - Sweeps
LCR - League Central Rating (40 game min)
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