Player Score Entry Application - Help File

The player score entry application is designed to allow players to enter their game scores directy into the database using their mobile devices. This should allow for quicker and more accurate entry of matches, as well as provide immediate update of the leagues reports once the match is submitted.

League administrsators can setup specific leagues to allow for this application to be available for players. There are three options for league setup: "Both Teams", "Home Team", and "Admin".
Both Teams - Each team may enter and setup their players for the match and the home team may optionally setup the players for both teams. Each team is able to enter the game scores for each round and then the scores entered by each team are compared before the match may be submitted. Even if the league is setup for Both Teams, the visiting team may decline to enter scores by clicking the "Home Team To Enter Scores" button after the players have been setup.
Home Team - Each team may enter and setup their players for the match and the home team may optionally setup the for both teams. The home team is required to enter the game scores and submit the match.
Admin - Paper scoresheets should be completed as before and the league administrator will enter the matches into the database.

Players wanting to enter scores or follow the scores in their match on their mobile devices need to login in order to do so. An email must be on file prior to requesting a password to login. Players need to contact their league administrators and give them their email address. Then the player may go to the Login page and submit their email address to retrieve a password. Once logged in, the player will have the option of keeping their assigned password or changing it. A new password can be created by simply submitting your email address without a password, but the new password will not be active until it is used to login for the first time.

Once logged in, you will be taken to a webpage with a link to "Enter Scores". Follow this link to see if any of your current teams have been allowed accesss to the player score entry application. Click on a team to view matches. The next match on your schedule should show with a link in the far right column. This link will show as "Create", "Edit", or "View". Create means that no one from either team has created the next scheduled match. Click "Create" to create the match. Edit means the match has been created. Click edit to enter scores or follow your match if it is being entered by another team member. View means the match has already been submitted and can be viewed but no changes are permitted.

If your league is not following a predetermined schedule that has been entered into League Central, players can still create a match by clicking the "Create Unscheduled Match" button. The player can select the home and visiting teams, along with the match date.

Player Selection
After clicking on the match, the first screen to come up is the player selection screen. The home and visiting teams are both shown with players listed in dropdown boxes. The system is designed for each team to select their own players from the dropdown lists, but the home team may optionally select the players for both teams. To add a new player to a team click the Add Player button for the team for which you want to add a player. Their are separate buttons to add a player to the visiting or home team. If a player neeeds to be added to the list, you must click Add Player prior to saving the team.

Click "Save Team" to save the players on each team. The home team has an optional button to "Save Both Teams". Once the team is saved, no changes are allowed, unless the home clicks the "Reset Match" button, which deletes all the match data from the database and allows adding new players.

Players may be switched around in each round and players not selected in the player selection screen may substitue in any game of the match, as long as they appear in the dropdown lists prior to saving the team.

If you have already saved your team and the other team has not been selected, then click "Refresh" to show the other team's players after they have been entered. New Players
If a player is in the match but not in the dropdown box for player selection, the player may be added by clicking the "New Player" button. After clicking this button, you should see a screen that shows text fields for last name, first name, email, and phone number. Enter the data that you think matches the data in the database and click "Save Player" to add to the team. The system will search for a match based on the data you enter. If a match is not found, then all those players in the database with the last name entered will be shown in a dropdown box for your selection. At least one character needs to be entered in the Last Name field for the seach to work. If no matches for the last name entered are found, then a new player will be created in the database. Once the match is submitted, the match and new player will be highlighted for the league administrator.

Score Entry
Once both teams have been saved, a button to "Enter Scores" is shown. Click this button to go to the next screen.

Each match of the round is shown separately. The scores are dropdown boxes with the numbers 1 to 10. Select the scores, click the ERO and EBB boxes for those feats, and change the players if substitutions are made. Click "Save Round" to save the game scores. The complete round does not need to be saved altogether. "Save Round" may be clicked to save each game.

Handicaps will be automatically calculated based on player handicap averages once the round is first saved. Changes to the total round handicap may be done prior to the match being saved by the first time. If a round is saved accidentally without changing the round handicap, enter zeros in each handicap box, save round, then enter the correct round handicaps.

Click the round number to go to the next round. You may return to any round and make changes until the match is submitted.

Match Totals
There is a button "Totals" which can be clicked at any time during score entry. Clciking this button will show the match totals for all the games that have been saved. Scores that are still 10-10 are not included in the totals. Clcik "Enter Scores" to return to the rounds.

Submitting Match
Once all the scores have been entered, the home team can click the "Submit Match" button. If the match is setup for "Both Teams" then data entered by each team is compared. If there are descrepancies, the match will not submit, and notes are provided as to which round has a descrepancy. The match can be resubmitted once the descrepancies have been corrected. If the match is setup for "Home Team", the home team submits the match using only their data.

Even if the match is setup for "Home Team", any player on either team can view the scores and match totals as they are being entered.

This application has been tested on various mobile devices to make your experience an easy and fun way to enter and track your game scores. With the many mobile devices in circulation, certain issues may arise with older more obscure devices. Please contact your league administrator or feel free to contact us directly with problems you feel are directly related to a particular device.