Shaffer Amusement
Greater Dayton, OH
 LeagueStart DateWeeksGameTeamsSessionLCR
Monday Monday A - I09/18/2017298-Ball121210.2
Monday Monday AA - I09/18/2017298-Ball101316.1
Monday Springfield Monday09/18/2017268-Ball81015.0
Monday Whiskey Barrell In-House11/06/2017178-Ball8816.2
Tuesday Springfield Tuesday Trio09/19/2017308-Ball16510.0
Tuesday Tuesday AA - VNEA/BCA09/19/2017288-Ball141019.2
Wednesday S Dayton "AA" Fall 2017 VNEA/BCA09/20/2017288-Ball14312.9
Wednesday South Dayton "A" Fall 201709/20/2017298-Ball1036.2
Wednesday South Wed Fall "A" 1709/20/2017178-Ball849.6
Wednesday South Wed Fall "AA" 1709/20/2017178-Ball8413.9
Wednesday South Wed Winter "A" 1701/24/2018128-Ball1024.0
Wednesday South Wed Winter "AA" 1701/24/2018148-Ball8212.0
Wednesday Springfield Wednesday Sharks09/20/2017258-Ball12711.2
Wednesday Springfield Wednesday VNEA/BCA09/20/2017298-Ball101016.5
Wednesday Springfield Wednesday Whales09/20/2017278-Ball12117.8
Wednesday Wednesday A09/20/2017298-Ball101410.2
Wednesday Wednesday AA VNEA/BCA09/20/2017288-Ball141020.6
Thursday N Dayton Anglers - In-House02/15/201898-Ball41 
Thursday Thursday A - I09/21/2017298-Ball10129.5
Thursday Thursday A - II09/21/2017298-Ball101111.2
Thursday Thursday VNEA/BCA09/21/2017288-Ball141322.1
Thursday Willies In-House BCA01/18/2018128-Ball41 
Sunday Sunday - Trio09/17/2017318-Ball82314.1
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