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Eastern South Dakota
 LeagueStart DateWeeksGameTeamsSessionLCR
Monday MADISON AREA POOL LEAGUE10/02/2017208-Ball6411.1
Monday Sioux Falls A-2 Division 1 Pool League09/14/2015308-Ball9117.7
Monday Sioux Falls A-2 Division 2 Pool League09/09/2015308-Ball819.9
Monday Sioux Falls A-2 Pool League 09/12/2016308-Ball16215.6
Tuesday Brookings Area B Pool League10/10/2017218-Ball8410.3
Tuesday MITCHELL 3 PERSON POOL LEAGUE10/10/2017228-Ball10420.2
Tuesday Sioux Falls B-2 Pool League09/13/2016298-Ball937.6
Tuesday Sioux Falls PINK 3-Person 9-Ball06/21/2016109-Ball610.0
Tuesday SIOUX FALLS SENIORS 3-PERSON11/07/2017148-Ball7211.1
Tuesday Sioux Falls SUMMER 8-BALL Tuesday06/13/2017108-Ball14410.4
Tuesday Sioux Falls Tuesday A09/13/2016268-Ball12117.8
Tuesday TURNER COUNTY TUESDAY 3-PERSON10/04/2016158-Ball5110.0
Wednesday Sioux Falls A-1 Pool League09/14/2016308-Ball18314.0
Wednesday Sioux Falls AA Pool League09/14/2016278-Ball16317.3
Wednesday SIOUX FALLS MASTERS POOL LEAGUE09/14/2016288-Ball12329.7
Wednesday Sioux Falls SUMMER 8-BALL Wednesday06/14/2017108-Ball14419.7
Wednesday Sioux Falls Wednesday B09/14/2016288-Ball1818.2
Wednesday Turner County Pool League09/13/2017228-Ball1448.9
Wednesday TURNER COUNTY SUMMER 3-PERSON05/03/2017158-Ball6310.5
Thursday Brookings Area A Pool League09/28/2017218-Ball18415.3
Thursday Brookings Area AA Pool League07/19/2017148-Ball6327.0
Thursday GRANT-DEUEL POOL10/12/2017208-Ball10411.5
Thursday Sioux Falls A-3 Division 1 Pool League09/15/2016278-Ball14313.0
Thursday Sioux Falls A-3 Division 2 Pool League09/15/2016278-Ball18310.3
Thursday Sioux Falls B-1 Pool League09/15/2016278-Ball1338.2
Thursday SOUTHERN AREA 3-PERSON10/19/2017198-Ball9210.6
Friday HURON AREA POOL09/23/2016148-Ball7210.0
Saturday SIOUX FALLS JUNIOR POOL10/07/2017148-Ball3026.3
Sunday Sioux Falls MIXED Pool League10/18/2015238-Ball4210.4
Sunday Sioux Falls PINK 3-Person 8-Ball11/06/2016128-Ball10213.4
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