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Eastern South Dakota
League: Sioux Falls Wednesday B
8-Ball  Format: 4 PLAYER 16 GAME
Start Date: 09/14/2016  Session: 1
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NORBY'S I194.594.545.567.528444837123712322610.04
NICKEL SPOT CHALK IS FREE292.592.547.566.128944837503770328510.27
NICKEL SPOT THE LEFTIES390.590.549.564.62784483683369133124.91
LEGION OLD TIMERS487.587.552.562.52744483625366532586.25
LEGION DUI'S584845660.02524483453354532444.02
FIRESIDE SHORT BUS ALL STARS680806057.12504483489357732294.46
NICKEL SPOT MIDWEST HUSTLERS777.577.562.555.42254483446354234186.70
LEGION BEFORE & AFTER877.577.562.555.42404483383349532754.05
BIG J'S SKODEN974746652.92414483453352133733.79
NICKEL SPOT LAST CALL GONE WILD1073736752.12594483509352533173.35
JJ'S BURNING STICKS1160.560.579.543.22104483330345035893.13
NICKEL SPOT ACES IN THE HOLE1256568440.02014483200341234534.46
NICKEL SPOT TABLE DANCERS1454.554.585.538.92024483187330334112.23
NICKEL SPOT WILD ONES1553.553.586.538.21894483073330534341.34
FIRESIDE 3 HENS & A CHICK1651.551.588.536.81954483216342036150.67
CRITTERS STAGGER STRAIGHT1751.551.588.536.81834483064334835351.12
NICKEL SPOT MONKEY AROUND1831.531.598.524.21004161959208733340.48
Won - Rounds Won GW - Games Won (H)Pts - (Handicap)Points
Lost - Rounds Lost GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points
MW -Mathces Won LCR - League Central Rating (Team - 3 Match Min)
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