Mendota Valley Amusement Co
Twin Cities and Metro Area
League: Bronze League
8-Ball  Format: 16 game round robin
Start Date: 10/03/2017  Session: 8
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Scratchin' Balls in the Buff168683764.82023362730273023705.72
Stanchion Shooters266.566.538.563.31853362693269324764.46
The 86ers365654061.91833362662266224885.36
Ball Breakers463634260.01803362653265324964.76
Rogers Muni555555052.41743362609260925483.57
Pool Hall Junkies649495646.71643362503250325803.61
The Coasters739.539.565.537.61443362442244227112.08
Rack n' Roll @ Dittos814149113.31123362256225628791.79
Won - Rounds Won GW - Games Won (H)Pts - (Handicap)Points
Lost - Rounds Lost GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points
MW -Mathces Won LCR - League Central Rating (Team - 3 Match Min)
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Session 7 - 10/06/2015
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