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Eastern South Dakota
League: Sioux Falls AA Pool League
8-Ball  Format: 5 PLAYER 20 GAME
Start Date: 09/14/2016  Session: 3
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BIGS TBA193935762.035060046544658422914.83
POCKET I291.591.558.561.033360046224642442810.33
LEGION LIZZI FO SHIZZI386866457.333160045504570436811.67
FRESH HORSES FORGET ABOUT IT483836755.33296004614462644179.50
BIGS STROKE DADDYS581816954.030360043914491440110.33
BIGS ALZHEIMERS680807053.33246004521453744329.83
RUNAWAY FRESH HORSES779797152.73146004531454345298.17
JJ'S BONZAI BOYS878.578.571.552.33226004512456444448.33
WILEYS XXX976767450.72986004420454845847.33
BIGS I1076767450.72956004336446045078.00
PHOENIX I1173737748.72786004273441346076.33
FIRESIDE THE CREW1270708046.72626004186456246606.83
O'TOOLES BAR I1367678344.72856004356449645119.50
LUCKYS EL DIABLOS1463638742.02766004234444646965.17
JJ'S 101 BOYS1560609040.02726004307442346496.33
O'TOOLES 1 OUTTA THE MONEY16434310728.72286004024435648735.83
Won - Rounds Won GW - Games Won (H)Pts - (Handicap)Points
Lost - Rounds Lost GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points
MW -Mathces Won LCR - League Central Rating (Team - 3 Match Min)
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Session 2 - 09/09/2015
Session 1 - 09/10/2014
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