Kevin Smith Amusements
Northeastern PA
League: tioga county pool league
8-Ball  Format: 15 game match
Start Date: 09/11/2017  Session: 5
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Green Shingles A185792.428434531043110214222.44
Horseshoe E2791385.926634530733073241718.41
That Damn Bar B3672572.82143452829288625067.62
Erwinna Tavern B4662671.72303452865288324549.71
Colonial A5632968.52083452780284625069.80
That Damn Bar A6573562.01943452697273026936.06
Horseshoe D7573562.01753452580271526254.47
Horseshoe A8494353.32083452775282027477.92
Bear Ass A9494353.31943452694273626035.90
Lindley Roadhouse A10484452.21743452627269326866.03
Jasons Pub A11474551.11763452616269427853.45
Wellsboro VFW B12474551.11753452584269826794.76
Erwinna Tavern A13444847.81563452560269527254.76
Wellsboro VFW A14434946.71653452595268227544.90
Lindley Roadhouse B15405243.51553452559264328272.41
Duncan Tavern A16385441.31403452425277028641.92
Jasons Pub B17375540.21433452453264528194.31
Green Shingles B18355738.01643452551262927772.78
Your Mamas Mug A19345837.01363452408254628732.86
Your Mamas Mug B20266628.31133452271263129782.22
Horseshoe B21256727.21223452354253129362.22
Wellsboro Social Club A22256727.21203452313258629381.27
Horseshoe C23236925.01243452317248829203.27
Horseshoe F24207221.71043452207253130071.72
Won - Rounds Won GW - Games Won (H)Pts - (Handicap)Points
Lost - Rounds Lost GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points
MW -Mathces Won LCR - League Central Rating (Team - 3 Match Min)
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Session 4 - 09/12/2016
Session 3 - 09/14/2015
Session 2 - 09/08/2014
Session 1 - 09/16/2013
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