Top Hat Billiards
Northern Ontario
League: Open League
8-Ball  Format: 16 game round robin
Start Date: 09/20/2017  Session: 6
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Pool 101277.537.567.424936831363176288210.63
Straight In376.538.566.525436831243164285611.25
Scratch Felt4734263.52233683015313528627.64
Stylin' Cues5734263.524636830763112286419.05
Caught Strokin'673.546.561.32203843080324828577.53
Hawg Wild7734760.828438433653365307711.25
Pullin' It Out9625851.71843842776320428781.64
Chasin' the 81054.565.545.41633842743310730851.79
No Clue Cue Crew1154.565.545.41743842773308531172.65
Steam Rollers12507041.71783842855298331457.74
Summit One13427835.01313842502302233050.59
Ball Busters1438.581.532.11293842541299333420.60
Summit 215299124.2803841509185234812.68
Won - Rounds Won GW - Games Won (H)Pts - (Handicap)Points
Lost - Rounds Lost GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points
MW -Mathces Won LCR - League Central Rating (Team - 3 Match Min)
Next Scheduled Matches
DateHome TeamVisitor TeamLocation
03/21/2018D'OhCaught Strokin'Top Hat Billiards
03/21/2018Hawg WildStylin' CuesTop Hat Billiards
03/21/2018No Clue Cue CrewBall BustersTop Hat Billiards
03/21/2018Pullin' It OutStraight InTop Hat Billiards
03/21/2018Scratch FeltChasin' the 8Top Hat Billiards
03/21/2018SlingshotBallisticsTop Hat Billiards
03/21/2018Steam RollersPool 101Top Hat Billiards
03/21/2018Summit 2Summit OneTop Hat Billiards
Archived Sessions
Session 6 - 09/16/2017
Session 5 - 09/20/2017
Session 4 - 09/23/2015
Session 3 - 10/01/2014
Session 2 - 09/25/2013
Session 1 - 10/03/2012
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