Cardinal Amusement
Southeast Nebraska
League: Thursday North 25 Game Open
8-BallStart Date: 09/14/2017
Format: 25 gameSession: 6
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R.J.'s Predators1791782.3303400326632662477
Ames, Jeremy9547572.006444538.592.55504314Results57.14
Bent, Brad9607085.716492909.275.1321013718Results90.52
Bent, Brian8457064.295804848.291.37001311Results36.97
Fossler, Roger871070.0083618.302.2010003Results0.00
Pangborn, Marc9517568.006424618.562.4170529Results52.21
Taylor, Tim9617581.336684038.913.53505820Results57.36
GW - Games Won Pts - Points RO - Run-Out
GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points GBB - Game-Ball in on Break
GA - Game Average PA - Power Average SCW - Season Consecutive Wins
HA - Handicap Average WZ - Win-Zip SW - Sweeps
LCR - League Central Rating (Player - 40 game min)
Schedule & Results
DateHome TeamVisitor TeamLocationRndsORndsGWGPPtsWOPtsW
09/14/2017R.J.'s PredatorsMy Bar Road WarriorsRJs602125231151
09/21/2017Fox Hole Shit HappensR.J.'s PredatorsFOXHOLE602125229145
09/28/2017R.J.'s PredatorsBig T's Fish OnRJs602325243134
10/05/2017Drinker BellsR.J.'s PredatorsCZECH'ERD FLAG602025228151
10/05/2017Drinker BellsR.J.'s PredatorsCZECH'ERD FLAG60252500
10/18/2017Red Dog #6R.J.'s PredatorsRed Dog421425185150
10/26/2017R.J.'s PredatorsEagle RunnersRJs331325198198
11/02/2017Hallam Stroke It Don't Poke ItR.J.'s PredatorsHALLAM STATION512225238150
11/09/2017R.J.'s PredatorsR,J. 'sRJs331325190181
11/16/2017My Bar EvolutionR.J.'s PredatorsMY BAR512025225153
11/29/2017R.J.'s PredatorsFox Hole Brew CrewRJs331425187184
12/07/2017Someplace Else Trouble MakersR.J.'s PredatorsSOMEPLACE ELSE601925226188
12/14/2017R.J.'s PredatorsCzecherd Flag MisfitsRJs602125232169
12/21/2017My Bar Nuts & BoltsR.J.'s PredatorsMY BAR512025225157
12/28/2017R.J.'s PredatorsAllusive EightRJs511925214174
01/11/2018R.J.'s PredatorsHallam Bar Kickin AssRJs421825215192
01/18/2018My Bar Road WarriorsR.J.'s PredatorsMY BAR      
01/25/2018R.J.'s PredatorsFox Hole Shit HappensRJs      
02/01/2018Big T's Fish OnR.J.'s PredatorsBig T's      
02/08/2018R.J.'s PredatorsDrinker BellsRJs      
02/15/2018We're Solids RightR.J.'s PredatorsMY BAR      
02/22/2018R.J.'s PredatorsRed Dog #6RJs      
03/01/2018Eagle RunnersR.J.'s PredatorsCRETE EAGLES      
03/08/2018R.J.'s PredatorsHallam Stroke It Don't Poke ItRJs      
03/15/2018R,J. 'sR.J.'s PredatorsRJs      
03/22/2018R.J.'s PredatorsMy Bar EvolutionRJs      
03/29/2018Fox Hole Brew CrewR.J.'s PredatorsFOXHOLE      
04/05/2018R.J.'s PredatorsSomeplace Else Trouble MakersRJs      
04/12/2018Czecherd Flag MisfitsR.J.'s PredatorsCZECH'ERD FLAG      
04/19/2018R.J.'s PredatorsMy Bar Nuts & BoltsRJs      
04/26/2018Allusive EightR.J.'s PredatorsRed Dog      
05/03/2018R.J.'s PredatorsBYERJs      
05/10/2018Hallam Bar Kickin AssR.J.'s PredatorsHALLAM STATION      
Archived Sessions
Session 4 - 09/22/2016
Session 3 - 09/17/2015
Session 2 - 09/17/2015
Session 1 - 10/03/2013
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