Belmont Co. Pool
Pittsburg, PA and Belmont Co., OH
League: Thursday Four man League
8-BallStart Date: 06/15/2017
Format: 16 game formatSession: 2
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Poke n Hope135.514.571.0104160130213021022
, Ralph631225.00681095.67-3.4200002Results0.00
Conway, Mark9344085.003701759.254.8800547Results76.21
Davis, Jay9202483.332251399.383.5800126Results0.00
Hayden, Tom ( mouse)71425.0021375.25-4.0000001Results0.00
Kinsey, Greg71425.0016354.00-4.7500001Results0.00
Leech, Doug8203655.562792557.750.6700026Results0.00
Powell, Danny8254062.503232728.071.2721316Results50.14
GW - Games Won Pts - Points RO - Run-Out
GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points GBB - Game-Ball in on Break
GA - Game Average PA - Power Average SCW - Season Consecutive Wins
HA - Handicap Average WZ - Win-Zip SW - Sweeps
LCR - League Central Rating (Player - 40 game min)
Schedule & Results
DateHome TeamVisitor TeamLocationRndsORndsGWGPPtsWOPtsW
06/29/2017ErvinatorsPoke n HopeThe Nugget50161616065
07/13/2017Big Daddy & FriendsPoke n HopePNA Club32111613698
07/20/2017Get r DonePoke n HopePNA Club32716116117
08/10/2017The LapPoke n HopeLast Lap4.50.5916127111
Archived Sessions
Session 1 - 06/16/2016
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