Gregory Amusements
South Central Michigan
League: Gregorys Kalamazoo VNEA 8-Ball "17-18"
8-BallStart Date: 09/11/2017
Format: 16 GAME ROUND ROBINSession: 20
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MONEY SHOT- BLACK473.551.558.8246400320732513080
Black, Betsy97310867.598946958.281.84225811Results51.56
Handley, Jeremy7216035.004065076.77-1.6800003Results28.93
Massey, Linda9254062.503322768.301.4000117Results0.00
Slager, Cody7489252.176726687.300.0422458Results47.19
Verschoof, Christopher11759678.138634238.994.58191221117Results83.41
GW - Games Won Pts - Points RO - Run-Out
GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points GBB - Game-Ball in on Break
GA - Game Average PA - Power Average SCW - Season Consecutive Wins
HA - Handicap Average WZ - Win-Zip SW - Sweeps
LCR - League Central Rating (Player - 40 game min)
Schedule & Results
DateHome TeamVisitor TeamLocationRndsORndsGWGPPtsWOPtsW
09/11/2017JUST STIX- BRANHAMMONEY SHOT- BLACKLong Lake Tavern50141615092
09/18/2017MONEY SHOT- BLACKBUST-N-BALLS- KETCHMANLong Lake Tavern1.53.5716112130
09/25/2017STOP CRYING AND SHOOT- (MARKO)MONEY SHOT- BLACKLong Lake Tavern50121613685
10/02/2017MONEY SHOT- BLACKSHOT CALLERS - S.RATHBURNLong Lake Tavern411316145139
10/09/2017CHALKERZ-BIRDSALLMONEY SHOT- BLACKLong Lake Tavern501316141109
10/16/2017MONEY SHOT- BLACKGIT-R-DONE-HARRISLong Lake Tavern141016119131
10/23/2017SUSIE CUES-NELSONMONEY SHOT- BLACKLong Lake Tavern501416154101
10/30/2017MONEY SHOT- BLACKBALL SCRATCHERS- WOODHAMSLong Lake Tavern1451696134
11/06/2017FAST LANE -K.GOODWIN MONEY SHOT- BLACKLong Lake Tavern411416152122
11/13/2017MONEY SHOT- BLACKBALL'S DEEP- T.OLSONLong Lake Tavern05616111137
11/20/2017SNEEKY PETE'S(SPREENE)MONEY SHOT- BLACKLong Lake Tavern0541695155
11/27/2017MONEY SHOT- BLACKJUST STIX- BRANHAMLong Lake Tavern501316142112
12/04/2017BUST-N-BALLS- KETCHMANMONEY SHOT- BLACKLong Lake Tavern32616127117
12/11/2017MONEY SHOT- BLACKSTOP CRYING AND SHOOT- (MARKO)Long Lake Tavern14416127137
12/18/2017SHOT CALLERS - S.RATHBURNMONEY SHOT- BLACKLong Lake Tavern411316151119
01/08/2018MONEY SHOT- BLACKCHALKERZ-BIRDSALLLong Lake Tavern411316148127
01/15/2018GIT-R-DONE-HARRISMONEY SHOT- BLACKLong Lake Tavern411016130123
01/22/2018MONEY SHOT- BLACKSUSIE CUES-NELSONLong Lake Tavern14916119143
01/29/2018BALL SCRATCHERS- WOODHAMSMONEY SHOT- BLACKLong Lake Tavern05616107139
02/05/2018MONEY SHOT- BLACKFAST LANE -K.GOODWIN Long Lake Tavern411116141122
02/12/2018BALL'S DEEP- T.OLSONMONEY SHOT- BLACKLong Lake Tavern411216145133
02/19/2018MONEY SHOT- BLACKSNEEKY PETE'S(SPREENE)Long Lake Tavern321116136120
02/26/2018JUST STIX- BRANHAMMONEY SHOT- BLACKLong Lake Tavern411116132121
03/05/2018MONEY SHOT- BLACKBUST-N-BALLS- KETCHMANLong Lake Tavern32816124108
03/12/2018STOP CRYING AND SHOOT- (MARKO)MONEY SHOT- BLACKLong Lake Tavern23716111124
03/19/2018MONEY SHOT- BLACKSHOT CALLERS - S.RATHBURNLong Lake Tavern      
03/26/2018CHALKERZ-BIRDSALLMONEY SHOT- BLACKLong Lake Tavern      
04/02/2018MONEY SHOT- BLACKGIT-R-DONE-HARRISLong Lake Tavern      
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