Gregory Amusements
South Central Michigan
LCR: 0.00
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Current Leagues
Gregorys North 9-Ball Summer 2018C.B.'S (MARTIN)05/14/2018723362101325.832.1700890.00
Archived Leagues
Gregorys North 9-Ball Summer 2017C.B. JOHNSON (JOHNSON)05/08/2017841148013057.034.3512342100.00
Gregorys North 9-Ball Summer 2016C.B. KNUCKLEHEADS (JOHNSON)06/13/201667996193386.252.845326160.00
Gregorys North 9-Ball CBs CARTER09/21/201550724612286.43.24411960.00
Gregorys NORTH 9-Ball 2014CB'S - TAKE THAT CARTER05/19/2014891268293956.583.444329 0.00
Gregorys North 9-Bal 2012-13Stick It Between The Titties-Burnside09/17/2012641086184185.721.851422 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North 2012-13CB'S T.B.A.(K. JOHNSON)09/11/20129613111367708.672.79504 50.51
Gregorys Tuesday North 2011-12CB'S DIRTY OLD MEN(K. JOHNSON)09/14/2010741059045798.613.111111 52.85
Gregorys North 9-Ball SUMMERCB'S SNIPERS (K.JOHNSON)05/17/201043724292775.962.113116 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North FALL 09-10 LEAGUEOUTBOARD (TROWBRIDGE)09/15/2009761149736848.542.54908 50.77
Gregorys North 9-Ball SUMMER 09C.B.'S JOHNSON05/18/200953815152786.362.934623 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North WINTER 09Mike's Sports Page (L. Trowbridge)01/06/200940514572888.963.31202 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North FALL 08MIKES SPORTS PAGE (L. Trowbridge)09/09/200833453862458.583.13303 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North SUMMER 08BAYLY'S (L. TROWBRIDGE)01/08/200827523893677.480.42002 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North FALL 07BAYLY'S (L. TROWBRIDGE)09/11/200743575103158.953.42303 0.00
Gregorys North 9-Ball ODD BALLS(K. JOHNSON)06/11/200739633932246.242.684317 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North "06-07"Bayly's # 1 (Trowbridge)01/09/200752605632869.384.62438 0.00
GW - Games Won Pts - Points ERO - Run-Out
GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points EBB - Game-Ball in on Break
GA - Game Average PA - Power Average SCW - Season Consecutive Wins
HA - Handicap Average WZ - Win-Zip SW - Sweeps
LCR - League Central Rating (40 game min)
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