NE KS BCA Pool League
NE Kansas
Matt Hinton
LCR: 48.78
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Current Leagues
THURSDAY ENFORCERS BCAThe Key Shot 05/10/2018912201591317.951.40202555.10
WEDNESDAY COUNTRY BCAStick It01/03/20181046655493598.452.928041567.17
WEDNESDAY PLAYERS BCAAll Day II05/11/2015900   2.0200000.00
Archived Leagues
THURSDAY ENFORCERS BCAThe Key Shot 01/04/201828403332218.322.8806843.55
WEDNESDAY COUNTRY BCAStick It08/30/201738554493408.161.981002045.81
THURSDAY ENFORCERS BCAThe Key Shot 08/24/201725403212678.021.35101834.87
TUESDAY TNT BCACarpe Octo08/22/201747806145257.681.11504741.91
THURSDAY ENFORCERS BCAThe Key Shot 05/11/201731503963247.921.44102534.78
THURSDAY ENFORCERS BCAThe Key Shot 01/05/201740655084157.821.43606637.10
WEDNESDAY COUNTRY BCAStick It01/04/201744555032969.153.761022049.59
TUESDAY TNT BCACarpe Octo01/03/201748755984907.971.44302941.28
THURSDAY PERFORMERS BCAThe Key Shot 08/25/201628403462328.652.85402753.85
WEDNESDAY COUNTRY BCAStick It08/24/201659706443319.24.477051953.78
TUESDAY TNT BCACarpe Octo08/23/201641074797.4-0.500030.00
TUESDAY TNT BCACarpe Octo08/23/201638654754357.310.624031340.19
TUESDAY TNT BCAPredators? ($2.00)05/10/201619352562397.310.49402429.34
THURSDAY PERFORMERS BCAThe Key Shot01/07/201629453712628.242.42704550.49
TUESDAY TNT BCAPredators?01/05/2016335040030581.9503641.70
THURSDAY PERFORMERS BCAThe Key Shot08/27/201532504063148.121.84301746.44
TUESDAY TNT BCAPredators?08/25/201530503923407.841.04503639.80
THURSDAY PERFORMERS BCAThe Key Shot05/14/201516352302686.57-1.09303433.37
TUESDAY TNT BCAPredators?05/12/201524402972627.430.88402539.56
THURSDAY PERFORMERS BCAAll Day II01/08/201523352822088.062.11502038.08
GW - Games Won Pts - Points ERO - Run-Out
GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points EBB - Game-Ball in on Break
GA - Game Average PA - Power Average SCW - Season Consecutive Wins
HA - Handicap Average WZ - Win-Zip SW - Sweeps
LCR - League Central Rating (40 game min)
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