Gregory Amusements
South Central Michigan
Steve Smith
LCR: 51.77
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Current Leagues
Gregorys Tuesday North 2017-2018TUJAX HALFTIMERS (WALDR0P)05/09/20181000   3.2900000.00
Archived Leagues
Gregorys Tuesday North 2017-2018TUJAX HALFTIMERS (WALDR0P)09/12/20179212110596618.753.297051251.77
Gregorys Tuesday North 2016-2017TUJAX HALFTIMERS (WALDR0P)09/13/20168712010257248.542.517171450.26
Gregorys North 9-Ball OTT OUTLAWS- (SMITH)01/18/2016891358174926.052.415325100.00
Gregorys North 9-Ball OTT OUTLAWS- (SMITH)09/21/2015851357994835.922.34403370.00
Gregorys Tuesday North 2015-16TUJAX HALFTIMERS (WALDR0P)09/15/20158312510427518.342.3373101249.27
Gregorys NORTH Winter 9-Ball 2015OTT OUTLAWS01/12/2015891268023986.373.213023 0.00
Gregorys NORTH 9-Ball 2014OTT OUTLAWS09/15/2014871358034915.952.313235 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North 2014-15TU-JAX U DON'T KNOW JACK (WALDR0P)09/09/2014751099056708.32.16306 48.33
Gregorys North 9-Bal 2012-13Olde Towne Tavern- Stout -J Stout01/14/20132027186786.894108 0.00
Gregorys North 9-Bal 2012-13Olde Towne Tavern-Outlaws-S. Smith09/17/2012641076064295.661.652124 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North 2012-13MOOSE(GIBSON)09/11/201265927835258.512.8638 55.41
Gregorys Tuesday North 2012-13MOOSE-SQUETOS(WESCOTT)09/11/201214201701128.52.9101 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North 2012-13O.T.T'S(STOUT)09/11/201220242251289.384.04102 0.00
Gregorys North 9-Ball WINTER 2012OLDE TOWNE TAVERN (LAWRENCE)01/16/2012701086813676.312.912127 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North 2011-12O.T.T. OUTLAWS(SMITH)09/14/2010831059385488.933.711008 0.00
Gregorys North 9-Ball WIN 10HASTINGS MOOSE(GIBSON)01/11/2010881268123966.443.34131 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North FALL 09-10 LEAGUEO.T.T. OUTLAWS (GIBSON)09/15/200965938085258.693.04708 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North WINTER 09O.T.T. Outlaws (S. Smith)01/06/200930363261799.064.08401 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North FALL 08O.T.T. Outlaws (S. Smith)09/09/200843574952998.683.44603 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North SUMMER 08OTT'S OUTLAWS (S. SMITH)01/08/200839564673288.342.48616 0.00
GW - Games Won Pts - Points ERO - Run-Out
GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points EBB - Game-Ball in on Break
GA - Game Average PA - Power Average SCW - Season Consecutive Wins
HA - Handicap Average WZ - Win-Zip SW - Sweeps
LCR - League Central Rating (40 game min)
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