Gregory Amusements
South Central Michigan
Teri Clark
LCR: 33.49
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Current Leagues
GREGORYS B.C. MIXED 8-BALL-THURS.SPANKYS OUTSIDERS (TROWBRIDGE)09/07/2017742886396927.26-0.60001434.13
Gregorys North 9-Ball Summer 2017OTT BALL SCRATCHERS (SEEBER)05/08/20175671266225914.940.25031470.00
Gregorys Tuesday North 2017-2018OTT'S FOUR BALLS SHORT (WESTCOTT)09/12/2017849977297497.52-0.21000732.88
Archived Leagues
Gregorys Tuesday North 2016-2017OTT'S FOUR BALLS SHORT (WESTCOTT)09/13/2016431026988276.84-1.26011417.41
GREGORYS B.C. MIXED 8-BALL-THURS.SPANKYS OUTSIDERS (S. SAUNDERS)09/08/2016601168979117.73-0.12011521.62
Gregorys North 9-Ball Summer 2016OTT (WESCOTT)06/13/201644994055414.09-1.3700440.00
Gregorys North 9-Ball OTT TABS (T. CLARK)01/18/2016391174137233.53-2.6501830.00
Gregorys North 9-Ball OTT POCKET POUNDERS- DURHAM09/21/20156956346.222.4400130.00
Gregorys North 9-Ball OTT TABS (T. CLARK)09/21/2015551355407404-1.48141250.00
Gregorys Tuesday North 2015-16OTT'S BOYZ-N-TOYS (WESTCOTT)09/15/2015601208739107.28-0.31022519.65
GREGORYS B.C. MIXED 8-BALL-THURS.SPANKYS OUTSIDERS (S. SAUNDERS)09/10/2015581168538757.35-0.19111826.96
Gregorys NORTH Winter 9-Ball 2015OTTS TABS- CLARK 01/12/2015641266005954.760.041013 0.00
Gregorys NORTH 9-Ball 2014OTTS TABS- CLARK 09/15/2014581355837264.32-1.060212 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North 2014-15OTT'S BOYZ-N-TOYS (WESTCOTT)09/09/2014481168129427-1.12012 17.54
Gregorys NORTH 9-Ball 2014O.T.T.s-MADAM & 2 DOLLS- RICE05/19/2014561265616484.45-0.42006 0.00
GREGORYS B.C. MIXED 8-BALL-THURS.SPANKY'S OUTSIDERS (L.ANDERSON)01/09/201429684875557.16-1101 28.57
GREGORYS B.C. MIXED 8-BALL-THURS.SPANKY'S OUTSIDERS (L.ANDERSON)09/12/201320402932917.320.05001 30.41
Gregorys Tuesday North 2013-14OTT'S BOYZ-N-TOYS (WESTCOTT)09/10/2013531128158857.28-0.63001 18.90
Gregorys North 9-Bal 2012-13O.T.T. Clark (Teri Clark)01/14/2013581355697324.21-1.210312 0.00
Gregorys North 9-Bal 2012-13Olde Towne Tavern-Wescott09/17/201220451802414-1.88018 0.00
Gregorys North 9-Bal 2012-13Two J's-S. White09/17/2012451084545954.2-1.31108 0.00
Gregorys Tuesday North 2012-13MOOSE-SQUETOS(WESCOTT)09/11/20124412082810056.9-1.48000 14.17
Gregorys Tuesday North 2012-13MOOSE-KITOS (WESCOTT)09/11/20124612081810006.82-1.52100 14.56
GW - Games Won Pts - Points ERO - Run-Out
GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points EBB - Game-Ball in on Break
GA - Game Average PA - Power Average SCW - Season Consecutive Wins
HA - Handicap Average WZ - Win-Zip SW - Sweeps
LCR - League Central Rating (40 game min)
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