Gregory Amusements
South Central Michigan
Tom E Bowen
LCR: 58.24
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Current Leagues
Gregorys Kalamazoo VNEA 8-Ball "17-18"STOP CRYING AND SHOOT- (MARKO)09/11/201710781129657068.622.314032158.24
Archived Leagues
Gregorys Kalamazoo VNEA 8-Ball "16-17"STOP CRYING AND SHOOT- (MARKO)09/12/2016831169826768.472.647041852.23
Gregorys Kalamazoo VNEA 8-Ball "15-16"STOP CRYING AND SHOOT- (MARKO)09/14/2015691169167867.91.12201847.31
THURSDAY CAMPUS Q IN HOUSEELITE-GOLLUMS01/15/2015771048996028.642.86304 0.00
Gregorys Kalamazoo 2015 Winter Wed 4Man 8-BallBIG Ts CUES01/14/2015415246827693.69113 59.67
Gregorys Kalamazoo VNEA 8-Ball "14-15"STOP CRYING AND SHOOT- 09/08/2014721128947097.981.65203 48.62
Gregorys Kalamazoo VNEA 8-Ball "14-15"SUSIE'S CUE'S- NELSON09/08/20149011610386098.953.78010 54.72
Gregorys Kalamazoo 2014 Wed 4Man 8-BallOLD AND HAPPY (BENNETT)06/04/201434403702189.253.8003 56.34
Gregorys Kalamazoo SUMMER 2014 Wed 4Man 8-BallBIG T's CUES-(MAZURE)06/04/2014425246828093.62001 56.38
Gregorys Kalamazoo Wed 4Man 8-BallBIG T's CUES-(MAZURE)11/13/201321322631958.222.13000 45.63
Gregorys Kalamazoo 8-Ball "12-13"Long Lake Just Sticks-P.Partanen09/10/201268968165768.52.5205 47.97
Gregorys Kalamazoo 8-Ball "11-12"Long Lake Pool Hall Junkies-Berner09/12/2011781169797108.442.32619 0.00
Gregorys Kalamazoo 8-Ball "11-12"Long Lake Just Sticks-P.Partanen09/12/2011771129446958.432.22538 48.13
TUESDAY LAS VEGAS 2003-04CHIEF'S-BIG TUNA'S09/09/200310161301098.131.31001 0.00
TUESDAY SHIAWASSEE VALLEYAMERICAN LEGION I09/09/200310161301098.131.31001 0.00
Gregorys Kalamazoo 8-Ball Mon.Long Lake-Oshima-T. Kequom09/08/2003771048996028.642.86304 0.00
GW - Games Won Pts - Points ERO - Run-Out
GP - Games Played OPts - Opponents Points EBB - Game-Ball in on Break
GA - Game Average PA - Power Average SCW - Season Consecutive Wins
HA - Handicap Average WZ - Win-Zip SW - Sweeps
LCR - League Central Rating (40 game min)
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