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Software News

02/05/16 Completed changes to public site for mobile devices
11/01/15 Messaage Board and other features added to public site
10/26/15 First tournament posted
09/30/15 Public site updated
07/10/15 Text messaging added
07/01/15 Player score entry app added

Latest Leagues

09/19/2016Northern UT
13 TeamsMonday BCA
09/13/2016South Central Michigan
14 TeamsGregorys Tuesday North 2016-2017
09/12/2016South Central Michigan
12 TeamsGregorys Kalamazoo VNEA 8-Ball "15-16"
09/11/2016South Central Michigan
10 TeamsSunday South Div 1 Winter 2016
09/11/2016South Central Michigan
8 TeamsSunday South Div II Winter 2016
09/08/2016South Central Michigan
09/08/2016Palm Beach County
6 TeamsPBC ACS League - THURSDAY
09/08/2016South Central Michigan
6 TeamsSouth Curlys In House League 2015-2016
09/07/2016South Central Michigan
09/07/2016North Central Pennsylvania
20 Teams8 Ball
09/06/2016Northern Indiana
18 TeamsTuesday Open League
08/30/2016Palm Beach County
7 TeamsPBC ACS League - TUESDAY
08/29/2016Northern Indiana
16 TeamsFW Summer League
08/29/2016Northern Indiana
6 TeamsGarrett League
08/29/2016Palm Beach County
6 TeamsDouble Trouble

Latest Tournaments

08/01/2016Kansas City Metro
16 PlayersSidePockets One Pocket 8/2016
ResultsFull BracketSplit Bracket
05/14/2016Shawnee Mission, KS
64 Teams2016 League Central City Tournament
ResultsFull BracketSplit Bracket
01/26/2016Kansas City Metro
32 PlayersSide Pockets One Pocket Bracket 1
ResultsFull BracketSplit Bracket
12/18/2015Kansas City Metro
32 PlayersDecember 8-Ball
ResultsFull BracketSplit Bracket
10/16/2015Shawnee Mission, KS
32 PlayersSide Pockets Blue Springs Friday 9-Ball
ResultsFull BracketSplit Bracket
05/10/2015Shawnee Mission, KS
32 Teams2014 League Central City Tournament
ResultsFull BracketSplit Bracket
05/06/2015Shawnee Mission, KS
32 Teams2015 League Central City Tournament
ResultsFull BracketSplit Bracket

  • Easily create brackets for 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 entries

  • Single or Double Elimination

  • Automatically assigns tables and projects match times

  • Automatically fills in byes

  • Instantly updates to web

  • Free to league software users



  • Hundreds of league setup variations

  • Customized league game formats and scoresheets

  • Handicap with carryover or non-handicap

  • Automatically updates stats to the web

  • Schedule builder

  • Sanctioned or non-sanctioned

For Administrators

  • Easily manage both leagues and tournaments

  • Send mass emails or texts to players

  • Keep track of fees and sanctions

  • Use your own point system

  • Custom reports

  • Free Support


For Players

  • View stats and schedule on-line

  • Optionally input scores with mobile device

  • Personalized home page

  • Track rating

  • Access to archived data

  • Compare stats against other players


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